This short film accompanies Part I: Distance and Proximity in Delhi. We shot it in the immediate wake of the violent rape and murder of a young woman in Delhi. The event sparked political protests against gendered violence in the city. Our film sought to capture some of the emotional and political energies released by this heinous event.

DIRECTED   | Gorav Kalyan and Rohan Kalyan
PRODUCED | Nonetheless Productions


This video accompanies Part II: Aura and Trace in Gurgaon. I originally produced it as a visual construct for a graduate seminar in the Architecture Department at the University of Hawaii in Fall 2010. The seminar was entitled Design Asia. The concept was to design an audio-video montage of movement across Delhi's variegated landscapes. The image-sound assemblage is inspired by the following quote:

Speed enables you to see. It does not simply allow you to arrive at your destination more quickly, rather it enables you to see and foresee.... Speed changes the world vision.
— Paul Virillio